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Thank you! Kerna outline

Thank you everyone for visiting my site regularly! Already i've topped 50 guests for this month, and i still have quite a few posts i really want to show in time ;-)

So i've finally scanned about 4 pages from my Kerna project (finally), but by the time i was typing this, i found i forgot to move the files from the scanner to my hard drive! That's a real bummer, but at least i haven't lost anything yet. As of now, the second part of the Kerna wiki is largely unfinished, because working on that really hurts my brain because everything must be plausible.

However, I DID complete the second chronicle, and lucky for all of us it is about 3 pages longer and a wee bit less of a hard read ( the first chapter will be posted when i feel that i've created enough of the Kerna universe to make it interesting)

I also took the liberty of creating some 'visual aids' with the second chapter to help as well. Those were both quick AND fun!

To not waste you time with this blog, how about i post the new wallpapers i've found!

Smile? D-:

Be original. how original!

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