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Its almost over

NO i am NOT talking about the end of the world! I find people who prophesize the exact day of the apocalypse outright nutbags. If you want to contest that, ill be happy to hear your case (insert emoticon here).

What i meant was the end of school! You know what that means? Either no more pre-occupation, or extra laziness, which i will welcome both (although i prefer the first option).

The time for my first PROFESSIONAL photoshoot is coming soon, and i absolutely cant wait for that. I thank MANA STARRE for choosing me to be her little photographer! We've been best friends for the longest time, and i am very thankful that i have such a trusting and honest friend!

Kerna project stalled a bit ,im sorry, but im going to have to wait for my neurons to de-fry themselves before i start again. BEFORE that happened, ive made some interesting drawings (perception is a little off unfortunately) as well as polished and concluded the second chapter. I cant wait to show everyone!

As for outside art/info, ive been quite a hermit because of testing, but if you havent seem EVE Online, you should at least read their stories- they're so amazing! Just remember that if you want to try the actual game, let me know so that i can give you a 3-week trial instead of the 2 weeks they would give you (7 days is a HUGE difference!)

thank you everyone once again!

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