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Alrighty- the Kerna project has been moving slowly, but surely. The second part of the wiki is finished, and now im working on part 3. I’ve made a new goal for this time to have at least 1 drawing to every 3 pages, just so it will not become just a boring textbook. By now I can imagine that just rattling on about something I’ve yet to show you is uninteresting, and so I want to show you a few pages from my sketchbook. I forgot to use the scanner before I left, but I do have the second best thing-

I put the camera on its highest quality and snapped a few shots of the sketchbook.
I do promise to digitize all the pages once I actually finish this project.
Please view, ask, and comment.
Im sorry that I haven’t posted anything about the background and its characters, but this is one of the rough sketches about how two of the the nations teamed up to create a technological marvel
Part of the page that will serve as the table of contents for the chronicles. The names are set I believe, now I just have to create a story that lives up to its name…

The first page in the social section of the wiki, adorned with a captioned sketch of Kernile culture. A picture of a picture, how novel!

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