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Something to think about

You know the fights that you get into with one friend, but then you end up with another friend as a referee? Sure you got mad at them for calling out stuff you said, but in the end they saved yourself a friendship? I've written a passage for our personal lifeguards.

Level-headed people level the field. Once they're gone, the hills become mountains and the dales become chasms, and from the boundaries spring pyres to consume whats left of the civilized.

Not everything is your cup of tea. What works for one doesn't have to work for the other. One is spontaneous, the other is planned; one likes the light, the other likes it a little darker. One prefers to control, the other simply doesn't care. That is why there are so many variations in art and philisophy,
because no one would take their friend's cup of tea.

Keep your friends. They're getting harder to find

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