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Its about time!

This week has been so tiring, even though they let school out early the last three days. All those extra hours they gave us?

I slept.
Im terribly sorry!
Anyway, now I am officially going to become a senior! Just one more year, and then 2012---

Very funny.
Oh yeah, I have a theory on how the rapture and revelation will work, but i guess ill have to keep that to myself (It would be more believable than the doomsday people i promise)

Alrighty, now that school is out, Im sure some of my friends dont mind that i actually have fun with them now that there will be absolutely nothing to do! God I wish I had a car!
You would THINK we are people watching...



Alrighty- the Kerna project has been moving slowly, but surely. The second part of the wiki is finished, and now im working on part 3. I’ve made a new goal for this time to have at least 1 drawing to every 3 pages, just so it will not become just a boring textbook. By now I can imagine that just rattling on about something I’ve yet to show you is uninteresting, and so I want to show you a few pages from my sketchbook. I forgot to use the scanner before I left, but I do have the second best thing-

I put the camera on its highest quality and snapped a few shots of the sketchbook.
I do promise to digitize all the pages once I actually finish this project.
Please view, ask, and comment.
Im sorry that I haven’t posted anything about the background and its characters, but this is one of the rough sketches about how two of the the nations teamed up to create a technological marvel
Part of the page that will serve as the table of contents for the chronicles. The names are set I believe, now I just have to create a story that lives up to its name…

The first page in the social section of the wiki, adorned with a captioned sketch of Kernile culture. A picture of a picture, how novel!


Its almost over

NO i am NOT talking about the end of the world! I find people who prophesize the exact day of the apocalypse outright nutbags. If you want to contest that, ill be happy to hear your case (insert emoticon here).

What i meant was the end of school! You know what that means? Either no more pre-occupation, or extra laziness, which i will welcome both (although i prefer the first option).

The time for my first PROFESSIONAL photoshoot is coming soon, and i absolutely cant wait for that. I thank MANA STARRE for choosing me to be her little photographer! We've been best friends for the longest time, and i am very thankful that i have such a trusting and honest friend!

Kerna project stalled a bit ,im sorry, but im going to have to wait for my neurons to de-fry themselves before i start again. BEFORE that happened, ive made some interesting drawings (perception is a little off unfortunately) as well as polished and concluded the second chapter. I cant wait to show everyone!

As for outside art/info, ive been quite a hermit because of testing, but if you havent seem EVE Online, you should at least read their stories- they're so amazing! Just remember that if you want to try the actual game, let me know so that i can give you a 3-week trial instead of the 2 weeks they would give you (7 days is a HUGE difference!)

thank you everyone once again!


Thank you! Kerna outline

Thank you everyone for visiting my site regularly! Already i've topped 50 guests for this month, and i still have quite a few posts i really want to show in time ;-)

So i've finally scanned about 4 pages from my Kerna project (finally), but by the time i was typing this, i found i forgot to move the files from the scanner to my hard drive! That's a real bummer, but at least i haven't lost anything yet. As of now, the second part of the Kerna wiki is largely unfinished, because working on that really hurts my brain because everything must be plausible.

However, I DID complete the second chronicle, and lucky for all of us it is about 3 pages longer and a wee bit less of a hard read ( the first chapter will be posted when i feel that i've created enough of the Kerna universe to make it interesting)

I also took the liberty of creating some 'visual aids' with the second chapter to help as well. Those were both quick AND fun!

To not waste you time with this blog, how about i post the new wallpapers i've found!

Smile? D-:

Be original. how original!


You will love this

The music artist, whoever he is, did an amazing job here! I absolutely love his work, and it is utterly hilarious as a topper! I've already downloaded his song on my mp3,

but i still have no idea who the artist is...
Maybe after you watch "me" dance, you could help me in finding the artist name, because i want to listen to everything else this guy made! Don't worry, you'll like it too, you know it...

The Ugly Dance

The link is above, just in case you didn't notice ;-D


Someone remind me about the scanner?

Well- I've certainly made progress over the last week over the Kerna Project. I've already written the first chapter of the chronicle, and finally finished my first two parts of my wiki, which i plan to include with the chronicle to go further in depth with the peoples' lives in this fictional universe. My goal is to make you feel like the universe is real and is not just a bunch of short stories lashed together. stay with me here, but i think a wiki would be a very interesting read even though its not a story, as it may open to new perspectives one wouldn't see before! (thank you cleverbot for making me see this).

So- so far i've a total of 26 pages of random points in Kerna, including the outline and many visual aids. Speaking of which, someone needs to remind me to begin scanning in my notebook so i can at least post some of this stuff...

Things i'm proud of so far:
1) the drawings- they look awesome, theyre distinct between each other too
2) the concept of the wiki- so many ideas i need to write about (thank you Sarah for brainstorming with me!) and the outline is incredibly organized already
3) the first chapter of the chronicle- it explains how Kerna history began in the form of an ancient script that is spoken in a bible-like manner. I think i like the concept of just capturing snapshots in stories than just revealing everyone's viewpoint at once

Things i hate so far-
2) My current explanations i've started with in the wiki i feel needs work
3) I want more pictures but they take up ALOT of time to make


The Kerna Project

Sorry for the shorter posts this week- I've been quite busy and still am with school, scouts and a couple other things.

Anyway, i am itching to reveal that my last venture with science fiction made me really want to make a go at something bigger than just a paragraph-
A galaxy, complete with its own history, heroes, plights and progress! Right now i've outlined the entire setting and began on the first of the chronicle. I still need to fill in the blanks on pretty much every aspect, but hey; i'm having the time of my life making this! And that, is how it should be.

Now, i have a question for you: should i reveal part of the outline on tuesday, or would it be better to wait and show something a little more interesting?

Something to think about

You know the fights that you get into with one friend, but then you end up with another friend as a referee? Sure you got mad at them for calling out stuff you said, but in the end they saved yourself a friendship? I've written a passage for our personal lifeguards.

Level-headed people level the field. Once they're gone, the hills become mountains and the dales become chasms, and from the boundaries spring pyres to consume whats left of the civilized.

Not everything is your cup of tea. What works for one doesn't have to work for the other. One is spontaneous, the other is planned; one likes the light, the other likes it a little darker. One prefers to control, the other simply doesn't care. That is why there are so many variations in art and philisophy,
because no one would take their friend's cup of tea.

Keep your friends. They're getting harder to find


The neverending project

Artistic ability should never forced, but found. However, what you may find could easily be lost, so you use it so you wont lose it. Be it the photographer's eye, depth of perception, how to draw environments, people and animals, special styles, or some other trick that you picked up along the way. Art is a neverending project, as there is always something out there that absolutely has to be shared with everyone else.