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Someone remind me about the scanner?

Well- I've certainly made progress over the last week over the Kerna Project. I've already written the first chapter of the chronicle, and finally finished my first two parts of my wiki, which i plan to include with the chronicle to go further in depth with the peoples' lives in this fictional universe. My goal is to make you feel like the universe is real and is not just a bunch of short stories lashed together. stay with me here, but i think a wiki would be a very interesting read even though its not a story, as it may open to new perspectives one wouldn't see before! (thank you cleverbot for making me see this).

So- so far i've a total of 26 pages of random points in Kerna, including the outline and many visual aids. Speaking of which, someone needs to remind me to begin scanning in my notebook so i can at least post some of this stuff...

Things i'm proud of so far:
1) the drawings- they look awesome, theyre distinct between each other too
2) the concept of the wiki- so many ideas i need to write about (thank you Sarah for brainstorming with me!) and the outline is incredibly organized already
3) the first chapter of the chronicle- it explains how Kerna history began in the form of an ancient script that is spoken in a bible-like manner. I think i like the concept of just capturing snapshots in stories than just revealing everyone's viewpoint at once

Things i hate so far-
2) My current explanations i've started with in the wiki i feel needs work
3) I want more pictures but they take up ALOT of time to make

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