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Gabby Giffords

Gaby Giffords is more than just still alive. She has resumed walking, speaking, reading, writing, and she is back doing the job that she was almost assassinated for. The fact that she continues working with her dream job is amazing.

This is an inspiration for me to not give up pursuing my dream, no matter how daunting the situation may be.


Eve of Halloween

If someone reminds me to post something, i will. Ive been quite busy myself and im trying to have a social life and get decent grades. Geez, we all need some sleep >.<

I ought to set up a queue or something- why do i keep doing this to myself...
Should I do a post on halloween? maybe...

Anyways, Happy Hallows Eve to all!


I am still

debating what topic my next post ought to be on. I already have some ideas, but i havent come around to a consensus as to which idea to post about. PM me an idea that YOU want to see my opinion on!


Have you ever...

..tried to imagine how you would be if you made different choices? I will admit that I do all the time- funny how in most of them i feel happier in my deluded mind...

...Like if i shaved my face, or if i told everyone i was asexual (look it up if you don't know what that is ;-]), or if i ditched a certain project, or if i did research on stock investing would i have a source of income. 
You know, that sort of daydreaming.

maybe life would be better, maybe i would regret it later. time would have told. Maybe i still have time to do some of that stuff, but i know what is too late, which is what spurs this entrance into lala-land~

Stream of consciousness...

 stream of consciousness...

Hey, i remember this really bad movie when i was smaller, it was Sharkboy and Lavagirl. I couldn't stand the main character, but everyone else i liked. I remember the part where they floated down the stream of consciousness on a banana... yeah, the plot was a little kooky too. the story had a really good, deep moral though, and it was aimed toward the little kids, the ones who would believe it more: 
if you stick to your dreams, then they become reality.

lovely thoughts.

i am still sticking to my hopes, but i always wondered if i made a different choice, or did something else, if i would get to my lifetime goals more easily...