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Sample Logos

I tried to mock-up an adobe-esque icon to use as a logo.
The gradient was horrid, so i did away with it. Comment?
Hi everyone, I've come up with some sample logos for an upcoming business, but i need feedback on what logos i should can, and what i should improve on. after all, everyone sees the world in a different perspective! Please leave comments!
Simple. Flat. Minimal. I like minimal. But i need someone
other than me to give an opinion!
This "hexagon" logo is perhaps my favorite of these three,
but only because it has a 3d look to it (that was by accident).
I need a second opinions on this one, because it might not fit
its genre...


Art- Photography

By using the dark arts of professional photography, and a little perfection wizard called photoshop, i have successfully created masterpiece photos that i am incredibly proud to call my own! Ill show one of my favorites-->

Just in case, I will state that this is a before- after comparison, with the unaltered photo in color, and the one in B&W edited with photoshop...

This photo I thought was the best out of my total 30 pictures of "Catherine", because of the background, angle, and frame composition. In simpler terms, I just liked it best.

With the help of my magical photo wizardry, i moved her to the other side of the photo so she didn't look so crowded in the right corner. So, how in the world did i manage to keep her entire arm in the picture without any cutoffs? By teaching myself a few things while playing around with photoshop, i discovered something: I can actually duplicate a pattern from another part of the picture to substitute for a blemish or for something that was never there...

Pretty good for doing that manually, no? 
The next photoshoot is next month, but i will be sure to keep posting my work regularly until and after then!



                Has it ever happened to you? When a story begins with an amazing and fantastic expository that gets you lost in the mythical world, then a burst of conflict and it just ends? It leaves you think ‘what. The. Hell.’ And wonder who wrote this so you can go into their house and cram all their TP inside the toilet resovoir? It is most disappointing, no? OR what about when you DO play a game with an amazing story, and you just wish there  was a way to contribute to this fictional universe? I challenge you: MAKE your setting come true. WRITE what you wish to have the story develop into.
                What if you have the perfect setting, that you want developed into a story? Please do describe it, maybe someone will make something of it one day…
                Okay, ill start with painting a setting.
I found this image online AFTER i wrote this little piece
I stared at the rearview mirror in the car. Behind is nothing. Miles on miles of black pavement which stretches on into the arid wasteland. Funny, I came from nowhere, heading towards who-knows-where. I need hope.  Eventually I noticed the constant pinging to remind me that my door is still open, allowing the last of my comforts of air conditioning to escape forever. Trying to peer through the dust-swept windows, I do my best to trace the line of the skeletons of skyscrapers before me, but it is not how I last remembered. At last I start to get out of the car, minding not to touch the baking metal on my door. The City lays before, and the only sign of life is the withering trees lining the avenue. Looking around, there appears to be a sizeable bluff on my right, and a brown haze far off to my left; another storm cell is coming. Walking towards the former citadel of socialites, the first building you see is a letdown: a hydrogen station, and over the price marquee hung ‘out of service’. Hopefully someone left their car in a parking garage here. Hopefully someone decided to stay, just for someone like me.

This is crude, sets a mood and tone, but overall it paints a picture of where you are: in some deserted desert city on a post- apocalyptic world. Once you have a setting in your head, what you describe simply ebbs out into this magnificent setting anyone could suspend their belief and really get into. Now, we already know that the best have mastered this art: now they must overcome the next obstacle that most of them fail to deliver on- creating the story in this fantasy that we love so much! Unfortunately, I’ve only had yesterday to write this down, so no elaborate story here.…
                Anyway, this is your part- inspire yourself; Finish what was left off. Make your own story. The best artists are never paid to do their best, that’s why there’s so much potential out there; Imagination is simply itching for you to fill in the blanks, to give it a greater reason than just a whimsical thought. Someone out there is bound to appreciate what you create, what you sketch, draw and write. Already there are communities, fansites and clubs that crave and enjoy this kind of stuff! Everyone always has something to share…


Art- Wallpaper #1

Bamboo wallpaper!
Wallpaper of the month

Once every three weeks, i will post delicious eye candy everyone can enjoy here, in which you may use it however you please as wallpaper (desktop or IRL), screensaver or to show others and whatnot...
Pandora? Not sure, but space art is fascinating to me...

Note that the first few may be so popular that you've seen them elsewhere, and yes i know i did not make ANY of these wallpapers. I will let you know if and what work is my creation, yes?

yes, nice and theme-y. It reflects on many things, and i like it.


Dragging it on- Japan

I am terribly sorry, but even though some people i know want the ranting about how to help Japan to stop, I do not mean to repeat what -they- say.

First off, Japan technically does not need the kind of help we might expect them to need- food, hygiene, and survival kits. They are not a developing country, and they can afford to give themselves aid, as Japan has the third largest economy in the world. They've already supplied themselves to rebuild, there's not much we can do to help.

What kind of aid would they need? Sure, many countries are now refusing to import now-irradiated Japanese goods, but be serious- economics is long term: think at least a 5-year time span. They're not going to go under, as nuclear disaster has occurred before; they KNOW how to recover. Simply give them sympathy, and respect as they do their best resume their daily lives, just like the rest of us.

For thousands of years, the Japanese time and again had earthquakes and tsunamis hit their homeland. For thousands of years, the Japanese rebuilt their homeland every time it ever became devastated. They reinforced their homes and workplaces with the best money can buy, and they encounter these natural disasters so often that they simply resume their work afterwards. The Japanese were prepared for this, and the world is thankful.

We, as citizens of the world, can learn alot more from the Japanese reactions during their time of peril. When the lights in the stores went out and goods flew off the shelves, shoppers rushed to return the products on the shelves once the worst passed. There was no reports of looting. Japanese news channels only reported anything that gave hope, and organized crime such as the Yakuza turned out to be the largest contributors to the recovery effort, delivering medical supplies and handing out uncontaminated food in spite of all of the risks the drivers and volunteers took on their lives to help their community. Imagine what a miracle it would be if there was order in a place of utter chaos. That is Japan.

Japan: the hub of Asian culture. It will never be gone forever.



First Post

I hope everybody enjoyed their spring break!
So this is my blog about everything i find that some might have overlooked. thats right, I am the janitor, and so I shall start with a few things about me...

My name is Steviekun (not my real name X-D.) I'm in high school (Junior) and I take almost all AP classes (who studies?). Since schoolwork of course becomes before life, my parents don't allow me to have a real job. So I make and sell candles on my spare time.

I havent been devoted in many areas, simply because there is too much to experience to stay on one note. However, my tendency towards art and games have yet to waver. I also contemplate on almost everything. I would not pin myself to any lifestyle, since I cannot stand stereotypes. Ask me questions, thats what I ask of you!