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Week 1: 30 days of gaming

EDIT: I'm sorry that some of the pictures didnt load, maybe i should do it the old fashioned way and upload them instead... anyways, its fixed now!

Day 1- very first video game
Reader Rabbit
hey look! its as old as me!
That's right. Im not ashamed. I learned my three-letter words from that thing, how to spell my name right, how to count and add, all before first grade. I wont say i loved it, but i can say this- reader rabbit was my first, and then Kidpix. who remembers Kidpix?

Day 2- your favorite character
From Super Smash Brothers ( circa 1999) Kirby was easily the best character not only because he was one of the only two players that can fly, but he always stole everyone else's identity by sucking the person into its mouth. Also the second 3d character ive ever played with.

Kirby it looks like youve never changed...

Day 3- a game that is underrated
Treasure planet
My favorite game for the longest time, i played this for hours. Its underrated because
1) the game was based off a movie
2) it was disney
3) treasure planet the movie is still in my most favorite movie section.

 3 words: I. Love. It.
This is the second movie that had the largest impact on my childhood, and i only saw it twice then...

Day 4- your guilty pleasure
I get eyestrain from it because i forget to light a torch so i can see what im digging through. i do my best to make awesome structures, but every time they turn out way smaller than i want. i dig, i build, i make awesome stuff,
hey, its minecraft.
I cant believe im addicted to it.
My arch- nemeses: the 'good' mob. (the pig, sheep, cow, chicken) god, look at their stupid looking faces!  theyre ALWAYS gumming up my dastardly contraptions, then when you find out whats wrong, they just stop and stare at you with the same stupid, stupid look on their face. the tragedy: no matter how many you kill, they will never go extinct...

Day 5- game character i feel i am most like
Honestly, i really dont know! I've never related to video games. Sure, ive had my favorites, but characters that are like me? Either they were nothing like me, or i never heard of the game...

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