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So funny...

I was wondering where a few of my blog posts were going, it turns out that my dead blog keeps hoarding my cellphone postings! No matter, they are all old now and i will eventually see that that blog is removed.

Onto it now!

tomorrow's posting, like today, might come in late, simply because i am sort of vacation-ing at the moment. there is a whole lot more to have in real life than anything the internet could dish up anyways. Already this week i intentionally got a tan (first time ive actually tried to get one), mild sunburn, some pool time, a trip to lake lanier ( oh the childhood memories!) and i drove to the mountains (Helen, GA specifically). phew! Tomorrow is senior pictures for the yearbook for next year, which i still have no clue what to wear!

In terms of art, ive done nothing. even though i had quite a few inspirations, i still havent written anything because of how busy my vacation has been so far. Im sorry.

I can, however, tell you of my amazing inspirations though!

First was the discovery of EVE online, which i may or may not have hinted at in my previous postings, which not only is a game but also is an extremely good continuing storyline.
Even before that there were many other games that influenced my childhood, like the original Evil Genius,  the popular Command and Conquer series, and the pioneering game series Grand Theft Auto. Yes, i am a gamer.  
And now my latest distraction is Minecraft, which is a much more casual game to me, but it is so addicting i would have severe eyestrain after playing it for hours.

Minecraft is an indie game, and you could think of it as either a worldbuilder, a social site like second life (only its in 8 bits), or a challenge of survival. People who have had this game for a while posted their creations on youtube for all to see, and most of their works are marvels to see.
So, in Minecraft, im trying to work on making a small town that has a functional, automated train station as its centerpiece. unfortunately, the minecraft animals tend to spawn inside the station, which is extremely frustrating because they ruin the automated part because of their giant butts...


My othermost inspiration is Helen, GA, a picturesque germanic town hidden in the georgian mountains. it is the second-most german town i have found in america, the first being Frankenmuth, MI. there are many deutschen specialitate like clock shops, biergartens, and restaurants. If everyone here spoke german and drove in so many cars, you would believe you actually went to germany! When i can i will post some pictures from the place.

I hope youve enjoyed your first week of summer!

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