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I didnt have anything posted thursday because

I was on VACATION!

Wow! even though 3 days might feel long when you have nothing to do over the summer, imagine a car trip where you arrive so late in the morning you have to sleep in the car until light so you can get a hotel-
it messes you up.

It was fun, i rate it one of my best 3-day vacations ive ever had. Savannah is old, its ornate, and its full of the best tour guides in the U.S.!

From my amazing visit, there was alot of history i never knew about. of course everyone knew it was the first georgian settlement and king cotton and civil war general sherman yadda yadda, but not only the city had a history, but many of the buildings had a history of their own.
Savannah sports the first public school in the US, the birthplace of the founder of girl scouts, the only gothic-style jewish synagogue in the world, the first art gallery in the US, and those are only a couple buildings in an entire city of landmarks.
Im forgetting the spanish moss that line the trees and boulevards, the georgian and wrought-iron mansions, and the hundreds of unique brick houses that line the avenues!

Who cares if it is the most haunted city in the world, it is the most authentic and rich as well! Its inspiring, not just the city itself, but also the surrounding islands, especially Tybee Island, which is EXACTLY what i would expect a beach town to look like, and i didnt need a charter plane to find it! From there i watched the sunrise from their pier, found jellyfish floating by the docks, and seen storks, herons, and seagulls galore! There was so much to see that you really do need to go back.

I took so many pictures that im still sorting through them! Tomorrow i will pick the ones with the best stories and share them with everyone

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