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BEFORE YOU READ: I am sorry to start a rant about this, but i havent found any article that vaguely relates to how I see the organization Lulzsec. Also note that if you have a logical argument against my viewpoint i will be willing to hear it.

This week one if the hackers from Lulzsec was arrested and is now being tried for hacking into various major corporations and agencies. People are screaming 'good riddance for the nuisance!'. And theyre partially right. Lulzsec IS a nuisance, but no one should be breathing a sigh of relief. Not because he was only one hacker in an entire group, but because Lulzsec could be in fact giving everybody a sign of warning with these high-profile attacks, yet the people who SHOULD be heeding to it are wishing to blot it out.

I will be blunt: Our security is crap. It only gives us a sense of safety against spammers and bots, but what about actual hackers? Once a hacker gets a hold of ANY data he finds relevant, everything linked to the internet is as open as a library full of books.

So what is the warning this should be giving us? Not that we need to eliminate the crime element in the world, because obviously we've been working on that since the B.C. eras and its still here. No, we need to improve on our security, learn from their feats so that FUTURE HACKERS do not follow suit.

In case you remember from your high school language arts classes, Lulzsec would probably be sorted underneath the satire category. Satire is 'the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing,denouncing an injustice or practice.' (taken from
Lulzsec is ridiculing these large and important organizations in hopes that they change their internet security and policies, but it seems that the 'big guys' are failing to read between the lines.

Lulzsec is just as they claim to be, a benign hacker community. We should be seeing them as rogue security consultants who do their work 'for the lulz'.
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Lulzsec are not the evil in the world. 
They are warning to prepare ourselves for those who are.

PS. When Lulzsec is gone, what is the chance that whoever takes their place will be as harmless?

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