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SAVANNAH! (continued)

Its been quite a while since the last post, but ive been enjoying my week. I am also succeeding in throwing my sleeping schedule out the window, which is also fun but has some side effects. Ive promised to show my best pictures, but they just so happen to be on my now-missing camcorder! therefore, i shall show the best on the regular camera...
Into the sunset- or is it the camera? i cant tell, but it still looks cool...

a picture of me taking pictures- my hair looks pretty good for it to be humid!

The palmettos run rampant here.

I cant remember which square this is, but apparently they ordered that fountain out of a french catalog

the fence is meant to be a scaled-down replica of the buckingham palace gate

American Spanish moss- the most beautiful place a chigger may call home

Typical historic architecture

The balcony has no doors- only oversized windows. very popular style back then

The pirates' tavern. Notorious for getting drunks who overstayed their visit shanghai'ed

ooh a pirate! ...tour

the iron monger's house. anything that was black, white or wood he had made of iron on his house

This house... was designed by a teen architect?! First house in the US with plumbing. not bad...


in a tour tram taking a picture of a tour tram- this was on a ramp down to historic River street

Antebellum and big city blended together

another pic of the storebought fountain

PAULA DEEN YALL! (note: ONLY go there if you absolutely know that she is in, otherwise the food is nasty...)

Why does it seem that every coastal port has a statue like this with the same old story?

the RAY's crab shack on the rich Tybee Island

Inside- its not really inside is it? *ahem* MAIN AREA of the crab shack. I do recall quite a few FAT cats taunting my dog here...

outside the crab shack, just outside their gator pit!

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