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Week 2: 30 days of gaming

NOTE: if you want to see the first five days, click here

Day 6- Most Annoying Character

The ENTIRE cast from the arcade game House of the Dead 2
Ooh do they just LOVE to state the obvious! Sure, you can drop a no-brainer on someone by accident, but after the third time you start saying OUT LOUD "really? No s**t!" Sad thing was that that if the characters never spoke the plotline might have been decent. By the time i was done playing this game i regretted the fact i did; only good thing that came out of it was that i didnt have to pay for it.

Day 7- Favorite Game Couple

Chell and GLADOS from Portal
In spite of Chell being the silent protagonist, GLADOS is always there to entertain her with promises of cake and sarcasm

Day 8- Best Soundtrack

1) Still Alive from Portal
Still my favorite score that was originally from a game. How else could you mention cake in a lyric and not be asked 'what were you thinking?!'

2) Mad World from Gears of War
One of the most moving song covers ive heard, especially if you listen to it and do nothing else, it does bring you down a level. Gary Jules really gave this song justice compared to the original which you can listen to here

Day 9- Saddest Game Scene

You're the Inspiration from ELITE BEAT AGENTS on Nintendo DS

No exceptions, its self-explanatory. This is the most touching scene i have ever played through, probably because it became personal, im not sure.

Day 10- Best Gameplay

GTA IV, no contest.

BUT that doesnt mean it is the MOST innovative gameplay, it's just the best.

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