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Art- Photography

By using the dark arts of professional photography, and a little perfection wizard called photoshop, i have successfully created masterpiece photos that i am incredibly proud to call my own! Ill show one of my favorites-->

Just in case, I will state that this is a before- after comparison, with the unaltered photo in color, and the one in B&W edited with photoshop...

This photo I thought was the best out of my total 30 pictures of "Catherine", because of the background, angle, and frame composition. In simpler terms, I just liked it best.

With the help of my magical photo wizardry, i moved her to the other side of the photo so she didn't look so crowded in the right corner. So, how in the world did i manage to keep her entire arm in the picture without any cutoffs? By teaching myself a few things while playing around with photoshop, i discovered something: I can actually duplicate a pattern from another part of the picture to substitute for a blemish or for something that was never there...

Pretty good for doing that manually, no? 
The next photoshoot is next month, but i will be sure to keep posting my work regularly until and after then!


  1. I can't wait until the next photoshoot! ^_^

  2. The Camera is ready for it!